Metallic Jeans Fall 2013 Trend

Metallic Jeans Fall 2013 Trend

Rag & Bone rag bone jeans

SuperTrash clothing
$66 –

SuperTrash clothing
$66 –


Leather Fall Trend 2013

Leather Fall Trend 2013

Thakoon striped dress

Yves Saint Laurent leather skirt
$2,565 –

River Island zip pants
$54 –

Fall 2013 Color Guide

Fall 2013 Color Guide

River Island jacket
$54 –

Fergie shoes

Dorothy Perkins blue shoes

Givenchy leather handbag

Cheap Monday hat
$19 –

WInter Whites 2013 Fall Trend

WInter Whites 2013 Fall Trend



SLIP Your Summer Clothing into your FALL Fashion

Heh Heh.  Did you see what I did there?  Slip…..Fall….. Ok, Ok, it wasn’t great, but I should at least get some points for slightly humorous creativity. 

Today, Lovies, let’s take a walk down memory lane, yet once again. I remember as a child how I would dread that time of year when it was time to pack up all of my light and airy summer clothing into boxes to be stored until we were blessed with sunshine and warmth again. (Oh the joys of living in Indianapolis.) Away went the sundresses, shorts, halter tops, and sandals. Out came the sweaters, knee hi socks, corduroys and full-foot covering shoes. It  makes me cringe just thinking about it.  I just can’t understand why still, at age 46 in my ADULT life, I live in a climate that doesn’t promote wearing Summer clothing all of the time. Weird what you have control of and what you don’t.  Anyway, I digress……

When I got married 22 years ago, we were poor as paupers.  That meant we didn’t have a ton of “stuff”…much less enough to warrant the need to “make room” for the seasonal change of clothing. I think because of this, I felt a little less sense of dread about the colder months approaching.  Somehow, the simple act of keeping my beloved Summer clothes IN my closet alongside the Fall/Winter clothing made me able to cope a little easier with the approach of Hell Winter. 

I know, I know….some of you LOVE it.  You love the frigid temperatures.  You love the wet icy stuff laying on the ground and  driving around  on streets laden with dirty clumpy precipitation.  You love the oppressive days upon days of gray and becoming hermit-like in your homes as you’re forced to stay there (or go out to get food for your family and  risk freezing to death).  I get it.  Well, really I “don’t”….BUT  I DO understand that you’re quite simply very confused and I extend much love and grace toward you.  Therefore, just as I don’t hate on you for liking that, don’t hate on me for preferring Summer temperatures and all that come with the season.  To each his own, right?  Now that we are all in agreement and in acceptance of each others’ preferences, let’s continue…..

Well, I’ve kind of always done what I am about to share with you, but NOW even magazines are writing articles about how to work your Summer clothing into your Fall outfits.  Brilliant, right?!  (Maybe more people than I realize have the same issue that I have and want to keep their precious Summer clothing on their bodies as long as possible, TOOOO!)  It’s  fun to mix them together and extend the joy as long as possible, so I decided to take a few basic trends from this Summer and incorporate them into some fun Fall outfits for you to try.  You’re welcome. xo


Take your cute CROPPED TOP and combine it with a pair of SKINNY JEANS in any color!  Exchange your Summer sandals for a pair of BOOTIES.  Wear a scarf in place of your BUBBLE NECKLACE and you will be rockin’ this adorable outfit or your own version of it!


Remember those High Waist shorts we talked about a few months ago?  Well, you can keep wearing them!  Throw on a Boyfriend (over sized sweater) and some Boots and you are good to go! I think these shorts in Denim call for a casual Fall look.  Trade out your feminine bracelet for a chunky, earthy piece of jewelery to complete the look.


Try as I may, I will never be a fan of this craze, but you can do some ca-ute things with a HI-LO SKIRT.  Replace some of your ruffled or breezy pieces for more substantial and heavier pieces.  Throw on a heavy knit sweater along with some patterned tights. Go from Romantic to Bohemian in the blink of an eye with the addition of a suede boot, scarf and bold and rugged watch. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


This is more MY thing! *insert squeal*  Take your TANK DRESS… away with your cage heel, skinny belt and simple accessory.  Throw on a WIDE belt and find a killer BOOTIE to match.  Next, layer a BOYFRIEND CARDI and scarf in complimentary colors.  So adorable! Keep your eyes peeled this fall for things in COBALT BLUE and ORANGE.  You’ll be seeing a lot of it.

So, there ya go! Until I can figure out how to make the climate in Indianapolis like that of Encinitas, CA, I’ll be working Summer clothing pieces into my Fall wardrobe.  Here’s to you and the fun you’ll have experimenting in your own closet!  Happy Creating!!





Hi Lovies! Boy, have IIIIIIII got some helpful and fun information for YOU! 

I always want to provide useful information for you that will teach you something, make your wardrobe choices cuter  easier, or be beneficial to you in some way.  This is also the goal when I do my weekly segments on Channel 13.  I like to vary the topics and explore many different options….things that the viewers, and my readers will find interesting.  There are many topics I can talk about with people but there are some that I cannot discuss with

1.  a man

2.  on live television

no matter how cool the information I would be sharing IS.  Therefore, that brings us to today’s blog post.

Covering BASIC FashionTips with Scott Swan on WTHR is a piece of cake.  However, if I tried to cover the following topics face to face with him I would literally die of embarassment.  Right there.  My face would turn beet red.  I would be cringing inside and struggling to find my words.  Long story short, I would get all dumb and awkward on  LIVE television. And that would be awkward for everyone.

I’m not a prude.  I’m seriously NOT.) You’d probably fall off your seat if you knew the things I have educated my children about. I am very very open and honest. But, what I have to share with you today involves talking about girl parts and that sure as heck ain’t happening on tv.  Nope. Not today.  Not  anywhere but here….where I pretend I’m sitting with my best girlfriends and telling them something that is vital information and will be helpful to them. 

In addition to the wonderful products by Hollywood Fashion Secrets that  I mention on this week’s segment, here are a few that will keep your spirits “UP” and your bases “COVERED”. Heh heh.  Yes, we are primarily talking about breasts, boobies, or tahtahs in this post, which we will refer to from this point forward as, “The Girls”. Girls need some assistance sometimes, and I have just the products!

Let’s say you have an event that you are going to and the outfit you’ve chosen has a completely cut-out back.  Maybe it has a plunging neckline.  In either case, there is no way you’re going to be able to wear a bra.  What to do?? Never fear……BREAST LIFT TAPE is here!


This is a double sided tape the is circular and fits around your areola (yes, I said it) and the top half hoists your Girl UP and the tape secures to your skin. It’s a very easy method and is said to be long-lasting.  I do not know what size Girls would be too big in order for these to be effective, but I’m willing to bet you could get a good lift up to a DD. I seriously think this product is ingenious. It’s not one I will probably ever need because I dress Oh So Conservatively, but man, what a great invention for those who are more daring than I. Come to think of it, I have seen some bikini top wearers who would benefit from this, as well!   The word pancake comes to mind. But anyway, I digress.  They are easy to use and when removing, just remember to remove the tape slowly from the top downward. This stuff is sticky- it has to be to do it’s job.

The LIFTING TAPE brings us to another related issue.  If you’re not wearing a bra, that means you could very possibly be shining your headlights. We don’t want that because we all know what deer in headlights look like. (This is what will happen if you go out in public like this.) You’d have “deer” (men in shock, women in horror, children crying) staring at you everywhere you went. Not classy. Not tasteful. Definitely not a look you should be going for.

So how do you create low beams instead of brights?  Well, lemme tell ya……..SILCONE COVERUPS!


These little puppies are again, self adhesive and just go right on your areola. (That’s twice now.) They are curved to fit nicely and will perform their job fantastically.  They are smooth and will prevent any embarrassing moments. Best of all, they are re-usable up to 25 times!  They also can be used under a bra that isn’t lined thickly enough or even a bathing suit top. Love this!

Women come in all shapes and sizes and so do “Girls”. Some Girls are smaller than other Girls. Sometimes an outfit might not look as nice as it could if the Girls were just a little bit bigger. This is when many women buy padded bras.  Well, maybe you don’t want to make wearing a padded bra  part of your every day routine.  (Which I applaud, because I think padded bras are false advertising.)  But let’s say that you’d like a little enhancement for a particular outfit.  Introduciiiiiing…..Breast Enhancers!


These silicone pieces fit into the  side of your bra, extending slightly underneath your Girl and give you the appearance of being a full cup larger.  They are helpful with  filling in the cup of your bra when nature has left The Girls a little less fuller than they used to be due to examples like breastfeeding or weight gain and loss. These cutlet shaped pieces are also WONDERFUL  for women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy.

The last little nugget I have for you doesn’t involve The Girls, but would still be awkward (for ME anyway) to discuss with

1. a man

2. on live television.

We all know that sweating is just part of being a human being. We all do it. (Well, actually I don’t sweat.  I just “mist” because I am a girl.) In any event, it’s real and it’s here to stay. (Doesn’t mean we have to talk about it on the noon news.) We ALL know that we, generally, try to DO something about it since ya can’t really just turn it “off”…… what do you do to prevent it from showing, not to mention, ruining your clothes? I know this may come as a huge shock to you, but Hollywood Fashion Secrets has an answer to this, too!


These moisture-wicking shields are the perfect way to protect your clothing from perspiration stains while helping you stay dry at the same time.  They are very thin and adhere quite easily to your clothing. One side is adhesive and the side next to your skin is very soft. What a great way to guard your clothing and save money on dry cleaning! No more embarrassing moments of holding your arms down at your sides because you know what is lurking under there! 😉

If you miss the Channel 13 segment where I discuss some other fantastic products by Hollywood Fashion Secrets, go to the video section of  my website and check it out.  The founder of this company is brilliant and I’m thrilled to tell you about these products.

You can also visit their site on where you can also find a store near you that sells this awesome stuff or you can simply order online.  The site also has videos to demonstrate how to use each item—-and no, they don’t use real people when discussing products related to The Girls.

I know you’re going to want to get some of these items.  Happy Shopping, Lovies! You’re welcome!

Love Your Look!







Lovies, do you love Audrey Hepburn? I love Audrey Hepburn.  I think she was one classy lady.  I think she dressed fantastically, carried herself well, and also had a heart for others. (I love the way she poured herself into helping others as she got older.) She also had some beautiful thoughts in that beautiful head of hers.   Miss Audrey gave us some words of wisdom that have become encouragement to women everywhere.  I see this one everywhere on the internet and it’s true:


Amen, Sister!   You nailed that one RIGHT on it’s pretty little head.   And to continue that thought I’d like to add,  “Happy girls have a good understanding of who they are and what their beautiful qualities are.” I couldn’t love what I do more because I am blessed to have a hand in helping this become a reality for women.  In my profession, I have the unique opportunity to love on women and help them see the beauty that they each possess.
The confidence this brings them literally changes their lives.

When you can walk in that kind of confidence, you will radiate beauty. (Yessssssss, this is a common theme in this blog.  Yesssssssss, you will hear it more than once.  And, noooooooooo, I can’t stop myself.)  I want women everywhere to get a healthy view of themselves and all that they have to offer. I want them to love themselves and love others. I want them to feel pretty and yessssssssssss, I want them to LOOK pretty, too……. which brings to mind another Audrey quote:

better audrey quote

How this resonates with my soul and all that I want to pour into women.  I believe that I have a two-fold mission as an Image Consultant.  Not only to make the world a prettier place to look at by educating women on how to look their best, but also to feed and nurture their hearts with lots of love love love.

That being said, I thought I would add my thoughts to Miss Hepburn’s quote above and give you some very basic and practical physical “image” tips to go along with her heart/soul tips. Shall we?


For beautiful eyes……do a little something to make them POP.    It may be as simple as ONE coat of mascara if you have naturally pretty eyes.  Adding length and/or volume in a deep black will absolutely wake your eyes up and cause them to look brighter.  Consider using an eye lash curler.  I promise it isn’t rocket science, Just don’t sneeze while you’re curling. One of my make-up artist friends had this happen while working with a client once and it was NOT a pretty sight.  I’ll spare you the details, but trust me on this one. No sneezing.

I don’t wear eyeshadow unless I’m doing a tv spot or going to a special event.  Eye liner is my favorite choice.   A little bit of liner can go a long way in adding pop to your eyes especially if you use a complimentary color to your eyes.  Some good combos are:

BLUE EYES–blue is great if it is the same color as your eyes,  brown liner is a natural compliment, black looks nice with blue eyes if you are blonde.

GREEN EYES–purple or brown liner

HAZEL EYES–green or gray liner depending on what you are wearing

BROWN eyes–blue or black liner.

Of course, I could write a novel about ways to apply eye-shadow….but I’m only talking the very basics here today.  For a hint of youthfulness, you can always dab a tiny bit of a frosty white shadow or illuminator on the inside corners of your eye near your tear ducts.  This is an easy way to brighten your eyes. Just be sure to blend it in so it looks natural and not like 2 white dots. That’s not the look we are going for. 😉


For beautiful lips……. take good care of them.  I know that when we think of exfoliating, we usually only think of our face, but exfoliating your lips should be added to your routine. This can be as simple as using your toothbrush gently after brushing -or if you are repulsed by this idea or if you’d rather, you could get a toothbrush for this purpose only.  This will help remove dead skin and keep your lips looking supple. Bathing them in Vaseline at bedtime will moisturize them and give you a nice full pout in the morning.

I suggest using a lip product with SPF in it whenever you are in the sun.  When I worked for Lancome, we were taught that lip cancer is exceedingly common because people (women especially) never think to protect their lips.  Many cosmetic manufacturers make lip glosses and lipsticks with SPF of 15-30 in them.  You can also find sunscreen for lips in   Blistex, Vaseline, and various lip balms. Not only will they keep them from burning but they will moisturize at the same time! Protect your pucker! 😉

I like to wear a pop of color on my lips when I’m dressed in nudes with neutral make-up.  When wearing a color, I highly suggest lining your lips in a shade the same color as your own lips and coloring them all the way in, thennnnnnn apply your lip color on top.  The liner will not only serve to keep your lipstick from seeping into the lines around your lips, but will hold the color on your lips longer. I love it when my color lasts and lasts.  Another tip is to gently blot your lips right after you apply your color.  You may also use your fingertips to press the color into your lips right before you blot.  All of this will help with durability.

Last tip on lips…..I feel you can never go wrong with wearing a nude or clear gloss.  This is a simple way to make your lips look healthy and vibrant. It also gives a youthful and dewy appearance which is hands down, always flattering.


And for poise………. choose to have good posture.  I cannot stress enough how critical good posture is to making you look good.  If you stand straight and tall with your shoulders back, you LITERALLY can look taller AND thinner.  NO JOKE!  I wish that etiquette classes were still part of the whole coming of age thing.  When I look at the youth of the 50s and 60s compared to our youth  in regards to dress, manners, respect, responsibility, etc, I admit that I am horrified.  I think it would do girls AND many women “good” to practice walking around with books on their heads a little bit!

Next, learning how to stand like a lady would be a great thing for all of our young girls to learn.  SOMEONE needs to tell them that standing and posing for pictures with their feet spread and toes turned inward is NOT ATTRACTIVE, nor is it feminine! It looks awkward and rather pigeon-like. And please sit like a lady: legs together if in shorts, legs crossed at the knee or ankle if in a skirt. Oh, and if you cross your legs at the ankle in a skirt or dress, make sure your knees are together.  I see this faux pas ALL THE TIME.  Ladies, it is NOT pretty to sit with your knees open. So. NOT. pretty.  Try to be mindful of this.

Walking like a lady is almost a lost art. There is a way to walk that exudes femininity and confidence and it does not include slapping your feet on the ground with each step.  It also is not walking around with your gut hanging out in immodest clothes that show your exposed abdomen.  It is not walking with your feet spread as far apart as your shoulders, either.  Shudder.  It also is not walking so perfectly straight and rigid that you look like your neck will break if you turn your head or torso.  It is graceful and fluid. One foot in front of the other.  Smooth..flowing…pretty.  Go to a store where the dressing rooms have a mirror at the end of the dressing room hallway and walk towards it.  Take a good hard look at yourself and practice walking like a pretty woman.  The way you carry yourself says a lot.

Well, there ya have it…..a few tips following Miss Hepburn’s words of wisdom.  I hope you have found some new things to try or ways to challenge yourself.  The words she offered were foundational.  Mine are just some yummy fluff.   May you walk in the confidence of your own femininity and giftedness today, Lovie.  I believe in you and can’t wait ’til you do, too! Use today to tell someone she is beautiful.  Love, encourage, and build up the women around you! Pour into others what you would love to have poured into you.

audrey on gossip